Klatex Formula

Klatex Formula

Klatex Formula is an open-source tool designed for writing formulas and text which can be used in several domains like research writing, journal writing, thesis writing, etc.

The graphical images which it generates can be drag and drop, copy and paste to various locations like MS Word, latex document, affinity, etc. It allows one to write the text in the format required by various journals. It gives high-quality text which can be zoomed to the maximum level without losing the quality of pixels.

If you have come across this blog that means you already have Klatex Formula installed in your system but even if it is not installed you can go through the resource section of our website where you can easily get the software along with the instructions.

Now I will explain the procedure of using Klatex along with its initial setting which needs to be kept for its smooth functioning.

  • Press F5 on your system or click on the toggle shrinked/expanded mode in the Klatex formula. A new window will open in which we need to click on settings option followed by clicking on Drag export profile option. There a lot of option will be shown but we need to select the Temp Pdf file option. This option allows us to drag and copy from the Klatex to anywhere we what. ( F5/Toggle Shrinked/Expanded Mode – Settings – Drag Export Profile – Temp Pdf file).
  • Now we are ready to begin with the tool. The next step is to write the text in the white box which will later come as a output in graphical form. We need to begin with writing the command first which is “\ text” followed by anything we wish to get in graphical form.
  • Now the command is to be followed by writing the desired text. For example I need “5m” as a image for my diagram. I simply need to write \text 5m and click on Run latex symbol and the output will be generate below.

The output can be easily copied to the MS Word or Affinity and can also be dragged to affinity.

So now we are ready to get some high quality images for our drawings.

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