Maxwell’s Equations

This post is about Modified Maxwell’s equations for EM wave propagation. We will see how Electric field and Magnetic field depends on each other . Maxwell’s Equation in static field Maxwell’s equations explain, the basic behavior of EM fields at every point (Microscopic form) and also over a region (Macroscopic form). Maxwell’ Equation in Static […]

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Propagation Nature Of Electric Field And Magnetic Field

This post is about irrotational and solenoidal behavior of Electric field and Magnetic field respectively which is also explain Maxwell’s second and fourth equation. Closed line integral (MAXWELL’S SECOND EQUATION) $\oint \vec{E} \cdot \vec{dl}=0$ Potential difference can exit between two different and distinct points but with the same point, it is always zero. Potential is […]

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Basics Of Electromagnetic Theory

This post is about basic idea of Electro-magnetic theory. This post cover what is Electric field, magnetic field , how it propagate and what is strength of Electric field and magnetic field which is explained by Gauss Law and Amperes Law respectively. It also includes some idea about Gauss divergence theorem, Stocks theorem, permittivity and […]

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