Dolfin-x: An upgraded version of Dolfin

  FEniCSx is the new version of FEniCS that is currently actively developed. Dolfin-x is the computational environment of FEniCS and implements the FEniCS problem-solving environment in Python and C++. New features in Dolfin-x in addition to existing features of Dolfin include: Variational formulations with complex numbers support Support for quadrilateral and hexahedral elements Higher-order […]

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Tuple in Python

Tuple is a type of data structure, which is a finite ordered sequence of entities or objects of different data types including numbers, strings, boolean, lists and other tuples. An $n$- tuple is typically an $n$ order tuple containing $n$ elements. Properties of tuple : Ordered – the items are defined in a definite positions […]

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Practice problems for coding

Anything that has not been tried before seems a nightmare to start, may be that can be said for the coding as well. But, one has to start at some point and possibly this can be a good time to do so; here we will be discussing about two of the very standard yet simple […]

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