Norm and condition number of a matrix

In a numerical analysis with a vector involvement, norms are essential to predict the various errors involved in the numerical analysis. A norm is a function ||.|| in a vector space V. If A is a n*n matrix, then its norm is a real number and denoted by ||A||. A norm satisfies the following properties: […]

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A primer on shell structures

Through this post, I attempt to provide a starter pack for shell structures. This includes trying to understand their structural behaviour, a very brief overview of shell-kinematics and the basic methodology for shell analysis through FEM. The theory and implementation follows the widely popular Kirchhoff-Love theory described for thin shells (thickness/length < 20)

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Today we are going to learn some important concepts related to matrix solvers. We will learn some of the preconditioners. They are often used as a black box in ABAQUS. We use its output ignoring the mechanism behind it. I hope with going through this blog post you will get a fair idea about the […]

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