Built-in meshes in FEniCS

In FEniCS, we can either work with the inbuilt meshes or we can also import the mesh file generated in another pre-processing tool as a xdmf format. In order to create inbuilt meshes, firstly, dolfin module is imported as: Matplotlib library is used to display the mesh plots. The different types of inbuilt meshes in […]

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Boundary conditions in FEniCS

Boundary conditions (B.C.) are constraints necessary for the solution of a boundary value problem. A boundary value problem is a differential equation (or system of differential equations) to be solved in a domain on whose boundary a set of conditions is known. Boundary value problems are extremely important as they model a vast amount of […]

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Why Isogeometric Analysis ?

Here I am trying to present an intuitive understanding about the need, importance and purpose of Isogeometric Analysis (IGA), which was developed in 2005 as an alternate/extension of classical FEM.

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