LaTeX for beginners – A quick start

There are different ways through which one can start to use latex for documentation. We can use Overleaf, sublime, atom , texstudio, Mactex, and many more for the same. I had tried using overleaf, sublime and texstudio for documentation and decided to use Sublime text editor because I found it convenient and easy. To start […]

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Some basic applications to improve the productivity of a researcher

This is purely based on my experience. I am listing some of the basic applications which may help the new researchers: Slack – New way to communicate with your team. It’s faster, better organized, and more user friendly. Gmsh – FE mesh generator. Paraview – Post-processing, results visualization Zotero – a free, easy-to-use tool to […]

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Untangling Research Through Zotero

Now if you know anything about research, you will know that the first step and the only continuous step in every type or stream of research is READING. You start your research by reading hundred’s of journals, articles, web-pages etc… and you pursue your research by doing the same thing. Until you reach the end, […]

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