How to Plot a Graph | VEUSZ | For a Function

How to Plot a Graph | VEUSZ | For a Function

Veusz is a scientific plotting package. I have been using VEUSZ to plot graphs for my research work. I found this package very easy and efficient.

Today I was trying to plot a graph using a function, and this is interesting to know with VEUSZ it took me only 5 mins to plot …

Steps Involved:

Step 1 : Open Veusz and go to new document. 

File — New — New graph document

Step 2 : General Formatting which we use for our work

  • Change the page width and height – when you select the page.

  • Change the margin – when you select the the graph.

  • The font size should be always same as the text size of document (10 pt).

  • The line width should be 1 pt.

  • The specifications for gridlines for both the axis (x and y)

Step 3 : Import the Data

  • If you have a .csv file or .txt file : you can directly browse the path , give a suitable pefix for your file and import it.

  • If you want to generate the plot using a function.

    Data — Create — Enter name — Enter the range — Enter the expression as a function of t — click on create

Step 4: Add a plot point

  • For plotting the x and y coordinates which we had imported/created.

  • Give suitable key for for each plot if you are plotting multiple plots in a graph.

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