Getting started with FEniCS on MAC with Docker

FEniCS is a popular open-source computing platform for solving partial differential equations (PDEs). The official site, as well as their official documentation, provides all the necessary steps that are required to set up and run FEniCS. The easiest way to start with FEniCS is via Docker. To use FEniCS with docker follow these steps:

mkdir /path/to/folder
cd /path/to/folder
  • Install the FEniCS Docker script:
curl -s | bash
  • Start a FEniCS session by running the following command. This command will pull the latest FEniCS image into the local Docker installation on your computer.
fenicsproject run
  • Then exit the container by typing
  • It is good to try out some of the demo problems given by FEniCS in an interactive environment using IPython notebooks. To start a notebook type the following command. This command would start a notebook server and we can access the server by using the URL and token provided.
fenicsproject notebook name-of-your-notebook
  • Once UI of the notebook is open, we can go to the demo folder and try out some demos.
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