First meeting with my GSoC mentors

First meeting with my GSoC mentors

I contacted the FEniCS community on their slack channel to inform them about my selection into the GSoC program. The community members were really generous and congratulated me. Then my mentors (Jack S. Hale and Michal Habera) proposed a hangout meeting to be held on May 16th, 2019. In the meantime, they suggested to get familiar with the code base and try out some problems related to my project. Michal Habera had prepared a code snippet that represented the mesh generation workflow which was required to be implemented as the core functionality of DOLFIN-X. He suggested that I should try to make a working copy of the code for DOLFIN-X.

On  May 16th, 2019, we had our first discussion on hangout. We introduced ourself and then discussed FEniCS and how we use it in our research work. They described me about two important classes “MeshFunction” and “MeshValueCollection” that are used to mark certain parts of the mesh for assignment of boundary condition, material properties or for evaluation of the variational form on a specific part of the domain. We also discussed what should be the approach for the current project.

I was really looking forward to being a part of the development team at FEniCS. The first meeting with my mentors was really fruitful and they were so friendly and welcoming. This meeting was more about getting to know each other and set out a work plan. We have scheduled the next meeting to finalize our approach before starting the project.

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